Skydiving, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

UK Skydiving Adventures Ltd offers Tandem Skydiving and Accelerated Free Fall Skydiving courses at a centre just 25 miles north of Cambridge. Raise money for charity and jump for free! Gift vouchers and corporate days are also available. Run by BS Skydiving Instructors you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Course Weight limit male Weight limit female Deposit Balance Total price Other notes
Tandem 16 stone 16 stone £50 £189 £239

Tandems fly from 10,000 feet with an option to upgrade to 15,000 feet for a £60 surcharge. Please note that 15,000 feet is only available at weekends and is subject to weather conditions on the day. Please note that the centre only offers a 7.30am arrival time on Wednesdays and at the weekend, and 8.30am on all other days.

DVD + photo packages range from £85 - £155.

£10 surcharge for people weighing between 15 - 16 stone.

AFF fly from 10,000 feet. AFF ground training run on Thurs. The weight limit for the AFF Level 1 is 14 stone 7. However students can then weigh up to 15 stone 7 for the subsequent levels. 

Please note that the maximum age for being accepted straight onto an AFF course is 39 years.

People aged between 40 - 49 years will need to do a Tandem Skydive first before being accepted onto an AFF course. Please contact us first before booking if you fall within this age bracket.

AFF Level 1 14.7 stone 14.7 stone £100 £300 £400
AFF Level Full Course 14.7 stone 14.7 stone £100 £1,300 £1,400
Centre Facilites Opening Times Dogs Allowed Local amenities Other

Canteen, evening restaurant,
shop, bar, bunkroom,
camping, caravans
welcome, showers, w-fi

Wed - Sun  Yes   A friendly, progressive
drop zone with excellent
facilities that are constantly
being updated